Letter Hunters' Corner

Latest Additions

Benidorm, Spain
Found by Natrix
Added February 27, 2008.
Canary Islands
Found by Eduard X.
Added February 4, 2008.
Potsdam, Germany
Found by Christian H.
Added January 17, 2008.
Bangkok, Thailand
Found by Heather M.
Added May 18, 2007.
Utrecht, Holland
Found by Joost de N.
Added May 18, 2007.
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Found by Jesse V.
Added May 15, 2007.
Rotterdam, Holland
Found by Joost de N.
Added April 30, 2007.
Zeist, Netherlands
Found by Johan van D.
Added April 30, 2007.
Shanghai, China
Found by Martin L.
Added January 23, 2007.
Turkljaca, Croatia
Found by Jerry D.*
Added February 12, 2007.
Hainburg, Austria
Found by Dorián N.
Added January 1, 2007.
Moscow, Russia
Found by Nick L.
Added November 30, 2006.
*via GoogleSightseeing

How to contribute

We are always on the lookout for new and better letters. Here's how you can help:

1. Go to Google Maps.

2. Pick a city on the map. In the interest of geographic diversity, we encourage looking outside of the United States if possible.

3. Zoom into the city and choose either Satellite or Hybrid mode (in the upper-right corner of the screen). Some cities don't have good satellite imagery at that level. If that is the case, pick a different city.

4. Explore! Look for any letter-shaped building, lake, road, or other structure that is oriented such that up points North.

5. If you find one, click Link to this page (in the upper right corner of the screen).

6. Copy the link and email to geogreeting@gmail.com

If we use your letter, we give you an acknowledgment on the site. We also accept Google Earth KMZ files.

Thanks and happy hunting! And a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!
Jesse :-)